Hospital Packing List - What to Bring

I suggest you actually pack two bags - one for labor and one for your hospital stay. By packing two bags you don't have to unpack your hospital bag every time you want some thing from it!   These bags don't have to be big, you will only be in the hospital overnight for a vaginal delivery, up to three days for a C-section. Of course, ask your doula what they bring to your birth and what the hospital supplies.

Labor bag: 

For mom: 

Your birth plan!

Sports bra or bikini top if you don’t want to wear a hospital gown


Rubber slippers for the shower/walking in room or halls

Lip gloss or Chapstick  

Hair tie

Phone/computer chargers

Coconut Water, crackers, light snacks

Your favorite pillow from home

For dad: 

Board shorts so he can go in the shower with you  

Rubber slippers for shower

High protein snacks (protein bars, etc)  non-smelly food!

A Hoodie/Sweatshirt and jeans/long pants (mom is going to be hot and want the A/C on - it gets cold - trust me!)


Hospital bag: 

Night gown or t-shirt, shorts for being in bed during visiting hours

Undies you don't mind getting dirty 2-3 pair or Depends

 Nursing bra

Toiletries ( shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste, brush) 

Outfit for baby (bring 2) 

Our local hospital (Maui Memorial Medical Center) has a company that takes family pictures before you are discharged.  They are free to take but you have to purchase them. 

Going home outfit for mom (yoga pants, etc) 


Make sure you take home everything (pads, peri bottle, baby diapers, etc) from the hospital! Make sure your support person brings the car seat for discharge. It has to be brought in to the hospital for your discharge. 

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