Kendra M says - Lora was a huge help especially since my labor process didn’t go as planned, it was great to have her there to help us switch gears and be prepared for the changes.  Baby M 1/27/19

Chelsea B says - Lora was so incredible during my labor i couldn’t have imagined going through it without her. She anticipated all of my needs to make me feel comfortable, relaxed and confident. I felt informed and more relaxed with Lora’s support before, during and after labor. I was always terrified to give labor and could hardly imagine going through it... Lora actually made my labor so much fun.  Baby P 1/24/19

Anika H says - We loved Lora’s compassion and knowledge from the beginning. She was very informative and gave me the confidence in being a first time mom! my husband and I loved her classes! It was nice knowing my husband and I had such great support during the most special event in our lives. She always checked in with me and was very quick to respond whenever I had a question or concern. Lora is the type of person not to judge but to support you in making the right decisions that suits your families needs and decisions. So it doesn’t matter what kind of birth you are having, she will have your back! I highly recommend her and her prenatal classes! Thanks Lora for a wonderful first birth experience! Baby B 11/28/18

Jaclyn R says:  My husband and I hired Lora to be our doula for our first child this past April, and we were very happy we chose her! During the prenatal visits, she really listened to what we wanted. She respected our choices, presented options when we were unsure and she provided the level of support that we felt we needed. One of our wishes was that my husband would be my main labor support person. All throughout the labor, she provided enough guidance for him to be able to do just that, without being intrusive or taking over. She was a very calming and reassuring presence all throughout the labor and delivery. She made suggestions for position changes and natural pain management techniques at exactly the right time. She understood the flow of natural labor and she didn't make us feel rushed , even when my contractions seemed to slow down for about an hour. Instead, during that hour, she massaged my feet and my husband rested! Getting this rest and massage really helped renew my energy so that I could continue on laboring. Lora also responds to calls, texts and emails very promptly, which is really appreciated when you're anxious about impending labor. I would definitely recommend Lora's doula services for anyone who is expecting a child, whether it's the first child or the fourth. I feel that having Lora there was one of the reasons I was able to successfully have the labor and delivery I had envisioned and hoped for. Thank you so much for your support Lora! Baby R 4/27/18

Ben & Shelby M say: Lora is the most calming and nurturing woman I could ask for in preparing for birth and motherhood. She is thorough without being super biased and gives you all the information so you can choose what methods and options suit your family's needs best. Thank you for being my support Lora!  Baby D 7/22/17

Emily R says:  After taking Lora's class my husband and I feel much more confident and excited about our birth. We loved meeting with her and the other expecting couples each week. Highly recommended!

Alvaro R says:  My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed this class- we feel very prepared for a home birth of our first son. Over the course of 4 weeks we met with Lora and other couples who were also expecting. We covered many aspects of child birthing and received answers to the questions we had. Great experience and highly recommend

Kat B says:  Lora was amazing through my very long labor!!! She knew exactly what I needed at every moment without me even needing to say a word. Her calm and loving support before, during, and after delivery made this experience memorable! We love Lora and highly recommend her to everyone we know that's expecting!  Baby O 1/1/17

Gina M. says:  Lora was my doula and educator for the birth of my first child. The classes that I attended taught me so much about what to expect throughout my pregnancy, labor, and postpartum. She helped me develop my birth preferences by providing unbiased information about vaccinations, procedures, and general options available at the hospital. When I was in labor at the hospital, Lora was my savior. She helped me stay calm and focused during contractions. She rubbed my feet with essential oils, massaged my back for hours, and gave positive affirmations that kept me going strong. Without her, the birth of my baby girl would have been much much more challenging. After the delivery, Lora continued to provide support and still does. I highly recommend her if you're considering hiring a doula. She's the best!  Baby S 2/22/17

Lisa H says:  My husband and I did the childbirth education class with Lora and she is incredible. Any questions I had were answered with thorough information and she said to not hesitate to email her if I thought of any later. I'd highly recommend using her for either a Doula or for birthing class! My husband and I are more confident with the approaching last weeks left of my pregnancy and I feel prepared to handle what's ahead.

Niyoa S. says: I recently had Lora's help bringing my little boy into the world.  Her presence was so calming. I felt like she was there with me through every contraction. I would highly recommend having Lora as your doula, as well as taking her pregnancy class. She is amazing and her love for the birthing experience is so sweet@  Having her by my side really helped my experience at the hospital be just what I wanted it to be. Baby E 1/2017

Zoila O. says:  At first I hesitated to get a doula, but my husband was able to convinced me after few talks. As a pregnant woman, if you dont have any family members here, getting a doula is very helpful. During my labor and delivery, Lora was very calmed, kind and supportive. She answered any questions. I was in labor for 24 hours, and pushed my baby for almost 2 hours. My body gave up, as my epidural worn off (it only worked for half an hour.) I was very eager to have a normal delivery, but ended up having CSECTION. Lora was very supportive with my decision. She didnt judged it. She wasnt being pushy either. I was glad to have her. I would definitely recommend her. Baby H 3.2017

Erin A. says:  I had the most incredible experience giving birth to my first child, away from all of my family and friends in my new home, much of which was due to the amazing Lora Casco.  She was incredibly knowledgeable, supportive, and reliable, much like a mother-dear friend-doula all in one package.  My birth story was a bit unpredictable and lengthy, and her assurance, guidance, and love helped ease the stress and unknown, and helped me keep a sense of humor throughout the whole experience.  I highly recommend Lora, and will most certainly have her by my side again, if another one pops up in the future ;).   Baby E 5/2016

        Hannah S. says:  My experience with Lora as my birth doula was amazing! She was so calm, peaceful and loving. She knew different techniques to help with my pain/pressure during labor. Having her at my birth was such a joy. She's a beautiful doula and brings such a great energy to the room. My birth was long, exhausting and definitely not easy, but with Lora there it went so much better than I could have ever imagined. She has experience, being a momma of 6, that she brings with her to help you through any situation. We were so blessed to have her with us.  Baby M 10/2013

Laura K. says:   Lora provided me with a calm, focused support during all three of my deliveries; she is compassionate and knowledgeable, we could not have had a better support person with us. My girls all call Lora, "Auntie Lora ". I have always felt that there was a special bond between her and us. You could not find a better person to assist you through your pregnancy and delivery. I am honored that I was first person she supported through pregnancy and delivery and as a labor/delivery nurse can honestly say she's the doula that I would love to have supporting my patients.    Babies in 1991, 1992 & 1994

         Bree M. says:  At first, I was unsure if I wanted a doula at my baby's birth because I had heard they can be "pushy." However, Lora is such a calming, yet knowledgeable, presence. She is one of the main reasons I had a great birth experience, and one of the best decisions I made in my pregnancy. She offers information, and then respects whatever decisions you make, which was empowering.

     We met throughout my pregnancy and she lent me books, taught me exercises, and answered any questions. It helps that she has had six kids herself because she can speak from experience. She also would remember whenever I had doctors appointments, and check up on me with a text afterwards for any updates and to see how I was feeling. A doctor has knowledge, and a husband has care and love, but doula Lora has both, with the addition of being able to relate to you during pregnancy, labor, and birth. 

     My labor was all in my back, and Lora knew where to apply pressure and massage to help me stay grounded during contractions. She also took me through different positions to do to help me relax and cope. When my water broke, she remained totally calm and walked us through everything to do. If she hadn't been there during this time, my husband and I would have been totally lost and scared. 

     At the hospital, she stayed with me the whole time, talked to the staff on my behalf, and was completely encouraging. She was so calm, it kept my husband and I more calm and comfortable. Also, when we had questions, we could ask her instead of going to try to find a staff member or wait for a nurse to come back in. Afterwards, my nurse commented to us that Lora was the best doula that she had ever worked with because she was so "in tune" with me and what was going on the whole time, while remaining very cool and collected. Lora was the reason that I had an amazing and pleasant birth experience.  Baby N 3/2016

       Sariena H. says:   Having Lora as my doula was one of the best decisions I made for the labor and delivery of my son. She is a peaceful, loving and knowledgeable presence to have around. The environment she helped to set up for my labor and delivery was more than I could have asked for.

Prior to giving birth to my son she met with me and answered the many questions I had about what I should expect and helped me to come up with my birth plan. My husband also appreciated having her there as he felt he could really focus on being there for me physically and emotionally when someone needed to talk to the Dr. He also appreciated her being there to explain in a more personal detail what was going on and how to help me through my labor.

We plan to have Lora present at the birth of any future kids we might have. We both highly recommend Lora to be your doula! You wont regret it!   Baby M 7/2013

Alysse B. says:  My birth experience, with Lora as my doula, was fantastic. Lora is a kind, calm and compassionate woman that helped to bring my desires for birth to reality.  We sat down a few weeks prior to my delivery to go over my birth plan, wishes and needs. As a mom of 6 kids herself, she helped to encourage me and prepare me of the beauty of birth.

During labor, Lora was the voice to the doctor and nurses when I couldn’t express my wants. She was one running for the ice and water I needed, so my husband could stay by my side. She was time keeper of the progression of labor and documented those first moments of my baby’s life. She knew my desires to labor freely and helped to keep my time laying in the bed (monitoring) to a minimum. She was so in tune with me, just by listening to me, that she was able to tell I had progressed past transition before even the nurse could tell. I am so thankful that I had Lora as my doula and I HIGHLY recommend her!  Baby J 11/2013

       Sharon M. says:  I always attribute my son's amazing labor and delivery to the team of doula's I had with me. It's one thing to have your partner there with you, able to experience in the extreme emotions of the event, but it's another thing to have someone with the knowledge to advocate for that experience. It was everything I hoped for because I had her there with me to coach me through the difficult transitions and see it all through even after I was holding my son in my arms.

She is extremely knowledgeable and prepared for whatever your needs may be! I refer Lora to all my friends! She'a been the doula for a handful of them and we all share the same appreciation! I can truly say that my birth experience would not have been the same if I didn't have her with me.    Baby H 2/2012